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"All time is all time. It does not change. It does not lend itself to warnings or explanations. It simply is. Take it moment by moment, and you will find that we are all, as I've said before bugs in amber."

- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

thatgirltherestruggles: I smoked a popper with my friend and I don't know if it was laced or not. I smoke all the time but this weed was reg. I don't know if I'm immune or not but I didn't even get high

Whenever I smoke reg I have to smoke a shit ton more to get high.

shitbuzz: also, how would you differ shrooms from something like 2cb/i (basically weak acid)

What do you mean exactly?

shitbuzz: Plan on taking any new drugs soon?

Well, I’m pregnant, so no. Lol

soph-the-zombie: Hey I love your blog! :) I was wondering what spice is? I've never heard that name so just curious :) Keep running a fabulous blog :)

Thank you! Spice is “synthetic weed”. It’s actually legal to buy in some states because it’s sold as incense. I have friends who have nearly ruined their lives with it. It’s so sad to watch happen and it usually all starts when someone is afraid they’ll fail a drug test. Next thing they know they literally can’t even go to the bathroom without smoking it.

money-mob-murder: in love w you

Heh 😬

Anonymous: So what drugs have you done? I generally don't consider Mary a 'drug' but some people do.

I don’t consider it a drug either. When I think of drugs I think of worse things. I’ve taken all sorts of pills (most xanax and pain killers), molly, shrooms, spice, etc. I have to highly advise everyone to stay away from spice though. It’s so bad and so addictive.

chrippyshit: You're so stunning ✌️😏

Heh thanks

Anonymous: Have you ever done shrooms and if so what can I expect?

It’s truly different for everyone. The first time I did them I didn’t think they were working then suddenly I was tripping so hard. I thought everything was made out of play doh and it was honestly a great time. Everything was happy. But the second time was horrible. I was in a place I wasn’t comfortable and I watched a couple videos I really shouldn’t have while going into my trip and I had such a bad trip. Walls closing in on me, etc. Both times my stomach hurt like crazy. I’ve had people tell me to puke after I’m tripping to help with the stomach ache since a shroom trip is technically food poisoning to the point of hallucination. Anyone can feel free to add to this in comments or whatever because I’m sure I’m missing something. Lol